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Upcoming Events

25th Annual Delaware Seashore Fall Surf Fishing Classic

September 24-25, 2022

Sponsored By Okuma AFW/Hi Seas

Tournament Headquarters:
Old Inlet Bait & Tackle

Fishing Area:
Designated Surf Fishing areas in D.S.S.P. and Fenwick Island State Park. Information on designated fishing areas will be contained in tournament packet.

Fishing License Required:
A fishing license is required for saltwater fishing in Delaware waters. This license covers saltwater, freshwater and crabbing and clamming. Licenses are available for purchase at Check-in.

More than $15,000.00 in Cash and Prizes

Women's Division: (Female participants are welcome to particpate in the Open Division and/or Women's Division but are only eligible for one prize in one division or the other. Choice to be made at awards ceremony.)

Kids Division:

Entry Fee:
Individuals ( Men or Women ) $40.00 • Kids ( 14 and under ) $15.00

Added Entry Level: $10.00
In addition to our regular prize money, any angler 18 years of age or older registered in the tournament may enter this level. 100% of the monies collected will be paid back to the Largest Bluefish in the tournament.

Registration can be by mail, in person at Old Inlet or on-line  On-line and mail registration will be accepted until Wednesday September 22. In person registration can be made at Old Inlet on Friday Sept 23 from noon til 8pm or Saturday Sept 25 from 5:30am until 7am.  Registration will not be allowed after 7am on Saturday once the tournament has started.

Prizes will be awarded at 2:30 P.M. Sunday, September 25, Location is the pavillion at Savages Ditch Road.

Check in Time:
Anglers must check-in at Old Inlet Bait & Tackle. Each angler will receive a score sheet and tournament packet. Anglers may check-in on Friday from noon till 8 P.M or from 5:30am to 7am on Saturday.

Fishing Time:
Saturday 7 A.M. - 3 P.M. - Sunday - 7 A.M. - Noon

No more than (2 ) rods, each equipped with no more than ( 2 ) hooks. No restrictions on line, sinker, or bait ( natural or artificial ).

Beach Rules:

Fish are scored to the individual who catches them. Judges will be patrolling the beach during fishing hours to measure and record catches. Any disputes will be resolved by the judges. Total points determine winner(s). All points will be computed on length of fish measured from tip of snout to tip of tail. After fish are measured, a section of the tail will be cut off, and the fish will no longer be eligible. Ties on total points will be broken first by most fish. If tie continues, points of largest fish will be totaled. If tie is still not broken, prize money will be divided. Largest fish, if tie, prize money will be divided.

Scoring Method:
One (1 ) point per inch (No partial points). All fish must meet minimum length requirement. One (1) extra point for a released fish

Qualifying Species:
A list of qualifying species and minimum scoring requirements will de distributed at the time of check-in in tournament packets.

In the event of State Beach closing due to tropical storm or hurricane, for both days of the tournament prizes will be awarded by lottery on Sunday, September 25 at 2:30 P.M. (Pending 250 registered participants.)

Printable Registration Form

Click here for On-line registration

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