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Fishing Report

March 12th, 2018

Nice weather had a few people out last weekend. The report from the beach was skates. Lots of the them. Horseshoe crabs and dolphins around. The presence of dolphins means there is bait around.

The first ospreys have arrived. Another sign of spring.

Another storm passing through early in the week and then the forecast looks decent after that. Somebody needs to catch a fish!!

March 8 -

The good news - It's March and we did not get flooded by the two storms that passed through last week. Dafodills (sp?)are starting to bloom.

The Bad News - forecast has freezing and near freezing temperatures at night for the next week. That is not going to help the water temp get up where we need it to be to get the fishing action started. So, all we can do is wait.

Our best guess is two to three weeks if we are lucky.

Tides are still really high. Water is going to be really dirty on the outgoing tides. Full of march rack and debris.

March 1-

Notice - State Park beach crossings will be closed this afternoon (Thursday) in preparation for the incoming weather. We will let you know when they reopen.

Feb 27 -

Signs of spring - we have live bloodworms, live night crawlers and live minnows (small for perch/fresh water)

Feb 21-

The weather has warmed up and the phone is ringing! "Whats biting?"

The answer right now is "nothing yet?" Just cuz the sun is out it does not mean the rides are open. But seriously, there is reason for optimism.

The water temp is up above 40 degrees and the mild weather should help it get to the mid 40's sooner rather than later. The 15 day forecast does not have any freezing temps in it so let's take a guess as the when the fish will start biting.

Striped bass will be the first back. We have a population of resident fish (short males) that will start to feed when the water temp gets over 43. They will be a bit sluggish at first but will get more active as the water warms. Our best guess is the second week of March.

Flounder will be up next. Our records show that the first flounder has been caught as early as March 20 - our guess is the last week of March.

Bluefish are next. Our fearless forecast is mid April.

So what that leave us to fish for until the fish start biting? There are some white perch and yellow perch around now and we are hearing that there are some nice bass, crappie and pickerel in the local ponds.

We got confirmation from DNREC last night that there will be no change in the striped bass regulations in 2018. A change is anticipated in 2019.

Flounder, sebass and tautog regs will all have changes thids year and we will pass those along as soon as we know.

Feb 9

Finally something to report. Abel Murray sent a pic of a yellow perch he caught yesterday. He was fishing up around Milford. It hit a live minnow.

Ocean water temp was 37 last weekend for the polar plunge. Good news is the long range forecast to does have a lot of over night freezing temps so that will help warm the water up over the next month. 43 degrees in the magic number for striped bass to start feeding.

Feb 3-

7 degrees here today and the little rodent saw his shadow.

Winter, over it. Think spring!!

Have not been updating the report because there is nothing going on. Water temp is in the mid 30's. Needs to be 43 or better to get anything biting.

Thats's gonna be a while the way this winter is going. Two warm days is not going to do it. It will take weeks of warm days.

Sorry cant be more optimistic....

Jan 20-

Heat wave. Its in the 50's today. Break out the speedo!

A few people trying for tautog in the Inlet. No striper action now that the water temp is in the 30's.

Mark your calendar for our Inventory Reduction/Scratch and Dent Sale Feb 16-19, Friday through Monday. President's Day weekend. Same weekend as the OC Boat Show.

Jan 12
In the 60's today. A few people out fishing in the warm weather yesterday. Nothing happening.

The deep freeze we experienced for over a week sent the water temps down in the low to mid 30's. A couple of days of warm weather is not going to bring the temp up enough to matter and we have cold weather in the forecast for next week. So think spring!!

Lots of fog coming off the water and the melting snow.

Ice flows in the Inlet as much of the bays had frozen over. Several buoys dragged off station by ice. Coast Guard is tending to them.

Jan 10 -

It's cold. But snow is melting.

Not much going on.

More later as events warrant

Dec 30-

Happy New Year from the Crew at Old Inlet

Brrr!! Arctic weather has put the damper on the fishing since Christmas. A few hearty souls out trying but not much to report.

Weather forecast is for the is cold to continue for a while so stay warm!!

Dec 23-

Afternoon bite on the troll yesterday. Best action was down off of Sea Colony. A bit sporty/nautical out there today with a small craft advisory.

Note: We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Reopen Dec 26 at 8am.

Winter Hours

Seven Days a Week

Inlet has been loaded with herring and shad most every day. A few short stripers caught here and there.

Sammy C sent a pic of a 37 inch he caught in the Inlet this week after dark on a plug.

A couple of boats got in to the stripers again on the trol south of the Inlet yesterday. Big fish - shortest was 44 inches.

Several boats out again today.

Dec 21 -

Jeff Knepper sent another pic of a striper caught on the troll on a Stretch 25 making it two days a row they found fish south of the Inlet.

Saw that a couple more boats found fish, some over 40 inches, south of the Inlet in the late afternoon yesterday!

Dec 20 -
Rick Inscho (correction it was not Jeff Knepper) just sent a pic of a 33 pound 44 inch striper he trolled up south of the Inlet yesterday on a Stretch 25. Check out our Pic Page and our Facebook page for the pic!!

Just got a report of stripers on the troll off Sea Colony yesterday.

Inlet is loaded with herring today!

Saw pics of a couple of keepers rockfish trolled up north of the Inlet toward the DE bay yesterday. Pics were on greatanglers.com

There were 21 boats just south of the Inlet about 1.5 miles out yesterday at 2pm. No reports yet.

They are catching tautog out on the wrecks. Check out the pics from the Katy Did on Lewes Harbor Marina facebook page.

Dec 18 -
Warmer weather has brought the people out and we are hearing about a few stripers cooperating.

Saw a pic a 27.5 inch striper caught on the Cape Sunday.

Good customer came in the morning - Monday - and reported two keeper stripers from the north side surf on a plug.

Another customer had a keeper in the Inlet this morning on a bucktail.

2018 Fishing licenses will be available on Jan 1. Make sure to renew your boat registration before coming in to renew your boat license for 2018.

Dec 11-

Winter chill has slowed things down. A few people trying. Nothing if anything to report.

Did hear about a keeper caught on the beach at 3R's late last week.

No fresh bunker to be found. But that is to be expected with this weather.

Water temp is still in the low 50's so there is reason for optimism.

We will report it if and when it happens!

Dec 6

Outgoing tide and wind put a damper on things yesterday.

Rainy, windy and temperature dropping today.

Dec 5

They stripers are coming. Reports last week had the migration as a far south as Wildwood New Jersey and south to Cape May.

Then Sunday and Monday keeper stripers were trolled up on the 8's in the mouth of the Delaware Bay and on Hen and Chicken shoals.

And they reported that the Inlet was loaded with bait last night.

Get ready its coming!!!

The surf has been sharks and skates lately but that is likely to change soon!!

Fresh bunker in this morning!!

November 29 -

Had a report of a 36 inch striper on the beach across from the store.

Just got a little bit a fresh spot in and hope to get some bunker Thursday.

Nov 25 -

The migration is still north of us....

Short stripers have been providing plenty of action the last few mornings. A a few around in the evening as well. They are in the 24-26 inch range. No big ones yet. Bucktails are working well.

Tautog fishing int he Inlet has been really good. We have live green crabs at present and hope to have love sand fleas Sunday morning. As always, call ahead for up to date bait availability. It gets sketchy this time of year.

No fresh bunker to be found lately. Surf fishing has been mostly sharks and skates. DMS Intra Club tournament this weekend so we should get some reports.

A few people have reported catching short stripers on lures in the north pocket when the wind is out of the east.

Nov 16 -

Reports of stripers to 26 inches this morning in the Inlet.

A couple of keepers the last few evenings on the incoming tide.

Nov 14 -

Reports of keeper stripers have come in from Woodland beach, Roosevelt Inlet, the Eights, and the Indian River inlet.

Hopefully this is the start we have been impatiently waiting for!!

Tog bite in the Inlet remains consistent. We have live green crabs and hope to get live fleas by the weekend.

Small blues - sharks and skates on the beach lately. But then again the weather has been a bit dicey on the beach lately.

Nov 6 -

Small blues and striped bass on the surf. Fish are spread out from the Cape all the way south to Fenwick. Sawa pic of a kingfish and a nice small red drum from Fenwick as well.

Decent flounder bite reported by a customer fishing the IR Bay.

It is time for speckled trout to be here. Anyone fishing the Massey's area for them.

Tautog bite in the Inlet is very good. We have live sand fleas. Hope to have green crabs by the weekend.

Striped Bass Migration Report -

The word from up north is that the Stripers are stacked up on Long Island between Fire Island and Jones Inlet.

We estimate 2-3 weeks before they get here so Thanksgiving weekend is shaping up to be a great time to fish!

Nov 2 -

A few keeper stripers reported on the pier at Cape Henlopen and on the surf at the Cape. It's a start!

Happy Halloween!

To quote the late great Tom Petty "the waiting is the hardest part". We are still waiting on the migration to start and then hoping the stripers will make a stop in Delaware.

Weather has been more fall like lately but 70 degree temps are in the forecast again later this week.

Some good news - we heard the stripers have moved out of Massachusetts and in to RI toward Long Island.

Impatiently waiting...

Silver lining - barring a severe cold snap we could have fishable weather/conditions thru Thanksgiving.

Until then we have little blues and tautog to keep people busy.

October 27 -

Finally some cooler fall-like weather. Hopefully the water temps will start to drop and get the migration going.

Plenty of small fish around. Little blues, small reds and some short flounder on the surf.

The tautog bite in the Inlet has been red hot. Mostly 14 inch shorts but there are more keepers in the mix all the time. Red puppy drum as well.

Small blues and the occasional school of false albacore in the Inlet on the daytime incoming tide. They are throwing bucktails, metal and top water lures at them.

Albies are a rare here. Its even rarer to hook one and even more so to land one.

What striper bite there is has been at night on eels and lead heads with a bass assassin. 99 percent are shorts.

Schools of false albacore reported in the Inlet on the incoming tide this morning. Several caught on top water plugs.

Oct 21

Fall fishing is picking up!

Small blues, flounder and even some red drum caught on the beach this week. It looks like the fresh mullet run has ended. We have plenty of frozen and will have fresh bunker as it is available.

Small blue reported in the Inlet as well on the incoming tide. Spoons, spec rigs and bucktails are all working. A few small red drum in the Inlet as well.

The tautog bite has been really good in the Inlet as well. We have live fleas and green crabs.

A few small stripers around in the Inlet. Still waiting on the water temp to drop and trigger the fall migration.

Oct 11 -

Dan Frye and family visiting from Oregon just came in with 3 bluefish in the 16-18 inch range. East wind is blowing some larger fish in. They were caught on the beach in Rehoboth.

Plenty of small blues reported on the surf during the DMS tournament last weekend. A few kingfish, schoolie stripers and small flounder in the mix as well.

Largest bluefish of the tournament was 16 inches with a 18 inch flounder taking the largest fish of the tournament prize.

With the water temp staying near 70 there is no reason to expect any larger fish to be around any time soon.

Tautog fishing along the rocks has been decent with more keepers in the mix.

Still mostly short stripers in the Inlet with a few keepers around when the tide and conditions are right at night.

Oct 6 -

Best of luck to the anglers fishing the DMS surf fishing tournament this weekend!! Weather looks great and the fish are biting!

We have fresh mullet, spot, bunker and live bloodworms!!

Several keeper stripers caught in the Inlet on live eels back by the Coast Guard station.

October 5 -

Reports of a few more keeper tautog in the mix along the rocks at the Inlet

Saw some pics of some keeper stripers taken in the Inlet at night on lead heads with a sassy shad.

One of our regulars had three small trout and a keeper flounder in the back part of the Inlet.

October 4 -

Small blues, schoolie stripers and little flounder in the surf. Most of the blues are in the 8-12 inch range with a few closer to 20 inches

Oct 3 - Charlie Yunckes weighed in a 3.8 pound flounder caught in the Inlet on 10/3. It hit a squid/mullet combo.

Sept 29-

Notice - Tautog season has reopened in Delaware Waters. 15 inch minimum size with a 5 fish a day limit. We have live green crabs and sand fleas.

Sept 25 -

Another Fall tournament is in the books. Lots of small fish around on the beach. Participants reported a mixed bag of small blues, kings, croakers,flounder, black and red drum.

Results are posted below.

Looks like its going to be a bit windy here this week through Thursday as the tropical systems pass by. Winds up to 20 knots expected but not much rain.

The weekend looks great!

2017 Tournament Results
262 Participants
31 Women and 13 Kids
19 Anglers Caught 45 Scoring Fish (kingfish and bluefish)

Open Division
1) 58 Points Charles Fortner $800 and Bronze Statue
2) 51 Points Floyd Morton $600 and Bronze Statue
3) 50 Points Dan lacangelo $400 and Bronze Statue
4) 50 Points Mike Walker $200 and Okuma Rod
(tie broken by larger fish)

Women’s Division


Kids Division


Largest Fish of Tournament
16 Inch Bluefish Doug Druschel $1,000

Bluefish Calcutta
16 Inch Bluefish Doug Druschel $2,420
Grand Slam Prize

Sept 21 -

Alert = All of the Delaware Seashore State Park beaches and ramps are open with the exception of the Faithful Steward crossing.

Sept 20

Delaware Seashore State Park beaches are currently closed to due to Jose. They will be assessed today by Park officials.
we hope they will be opened later today and by Thursday at the latest.

We have fresh mullet and fresh bunker. We do not have live sand fleas due to the beaches being closed.

We do not have live minnows - marsh flooded. They will not pot.

Sept 18 -

It's the week of the 20th Annual Delaware Seashore Fall Surf Fishing Classic!

The tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Registration/Packet Pick Up will be on Friday from 12pm-8pm
and Saturday from 5:30Am-7am.

People are asking if the tournament is going to be cancelled due to the storms. The tournament will only be cancelled if the State closes the beaches for public safety reasons. Otherwise this is a rain or shine event.

The current weather forecast is for wind and rain here Monday and Tuesday. Clearing up Wednesday with Sunny and 75 Saturday and Sunday.

It was a beautiful weekend and there were several nice fish caught on the beach. We saw a pic of 30 plus inch bluefish caught up on the Cape. Saw a nice striper taken on the beach north of the Inlet and a red drum caught on the beach down in Fenwick.

Let's hope this is beginning of a trend!

Sept 16 -

Not much has changed in a week.

Small blues on the surf. Slight uptick in size to the 10-14 inch range.

Short stripers and black drum reported on the beach over the last week.

Fresh mulllet starting to become more available. We are getting 50-70 dozen a day and selling out each day.

Small blues and stripers in the Inlet. Nothing special yet.

Water is still too warm. Needs to drop about 5 degrees.

Sept 9

Small blues have moved in to the surf in fairly good numbers. Small meaning 10 inchers. They are coming in the inlet as well but that bite has not been as consistent as it has been on the beach.

They like mullet on the whole mullet rig. There are a few mullet around but not in any abundance yet.

Small stripers in the Inlet. They are hitting live sand fleas. Sheepshead and some triggerfish along the rocks.

Sept 1 -

Getting ready for more bad weather this weekend. Monday looks good so far.

Reminder - Tautog season is closed in DE waters from Sept 1-28.

Aug 28-

Blowing hard Northeast today. The sea is angry my friends.

Monsoon Alert for tomorrow. Rain and more northeast wind as a southern coastal storm passes by.

Things are supposed to settle down after that and we can get the Fall fishing season started! Best time of the year on the way!

Hopefully the storm will turn on the bite. Scattered reports of flounder (mostly shorts) in the Inlet. Occasional small blues around too. Triggers and sheepshead in the mix too.

Striped bass tend to react well to northeast wind so maybe just maybe that bite will get turned on.

Small blues on the beach.

Aug 22 -

Good news from the weekend -

Small blues and small spot in the surf.

The Flounder Pounder tournament proved that they are some nice flounder around. You just have to get out and try!

Numerous 5 pound plus flounder were caught with 11 plus pounds winning the 100k top prize. More than 300 boats participated and we had reports of nice doormats caught in the Inlet, just outside the Inlet, on the Old Grounds and even further out to 20 miles off the beach.

Heavy bucktails with Gulp were the hot bait.

Congrats to Paradise for putting on a great event.

Aug 15 -

We have some cause for optimism in the fishing report!

The rainy windy weather last week managed to get a few fish to bite.

Reports of flounder, even some keepers along the south wall back by the camp ground over the weekend and last week.

Reports of flounder - shorts- small blues and even a black drum on the beach.

Mixed bag of small croaker, flounder and black drum at Masseys Landing.

Nothing spectacular but a definite improvement!

Aug 7 -

It's White Marlin Open week. Good luck to all of the participants! 353 Boats fishing. $4.97 million in prize money.

A few things of note to report -

Spanish mackerel have been found on the Fenwick Shoals.
Good flounder bite on the Old Grounds southeast of B Buoy.

Small blues, croakers and flounder in the Inlet. Triggerfish reported on the north side.

Peanut bunker have started to show.

Aug 4 -

There is no way to sugar coat it - fishing is slowwwww.

Inlet - occasional short flounder, short striper, blue fish, croaker, shad. All are around but there is no consistency to what bite there is.

Sharks and skates in the surf especially at night. A few kingfish and croakers around during the day.

Best flounder action is out around B Buoy and on the old grounds. A few shorts reported in the back bays.

July 26 -

After two weeks of the summer doldrums with oppressive heat, humidity and daily thunderstorms we finally have had a couple of days of cooler weather.

Shark fishing on the beach at night has been very popular lately. Mostly small sharks in the 3-4 foot range with a few pushing toward six feet.

Sharks are heavily regulated in Delaware so be sure to know the rules. They are in the Delaware Fishing Guide.

We offer frozen bluefish, bunker and mackerel for shark bait.

Quite a few big rays in the mix as well.

Mixed bag of small fish in the Inlet right now. Blues, shad, flounder, croaker and a few spot. No rhyme or reason to when they bite. It's not really been tide dependent. what we do know is the bays are bath tub warm and its slowed things down in the back waters.

A few more tautog have been reported along the rocks along with triggerfish, black drum, red drum and sheepshead. We even saw a pic of a triple tail caught in the Inlet as well. Now that's a southern warm water fish!

B Buoy and the Old Grounds are your best bet for flounder with the bay water being so warm.

Striper fishing in the Inlet has been slooooooow. Mostly a night bite. Shorts on live sand fleas.

July -

Tautog season has reopened in Delaware waters. 5 fish at 15 inches.

Not much has changed in the fishing report in the last week. Typical summer fishing. Gonna be hot this weekend.

July 12 -

Striper bite in the Inlet has been early morning late evening. Mostly shorts with a few keepers in the mix.

Kingfish bite on the beach has been fairly consistent. Live bloodworms, small hooks just over the breaking waves. A few small croakers mixed in as well.

A couple of reports of a decent flounder bite in the Inlet lately. Live minnows tight to the rocks.

Tautog season reopens on July 17 but there are some sheepshead and triggerfish around to pass the time until then.

Bluefin tuna reported at the Delaware Light Ship.

July 6 -
There are a lot of different fish here but not a lot of any of them.

Mixed bag of sheepshead, triggerfish, black and red drum, flounder, the occasional trout, a few short striped bass and some shad in the Inlet.

Joey Clair (Middletown, PA) weighed a 5.5 pound trout from the Inlet Thursday morning.

Mixed bag of kings, sand perch and small trout on the beach.

The bite is far from consistent and even quite maddening. Many veteran anglers reporting getting skunked on a regular basis.

Reminder - the 20-28" slot limit for striped bass in July and August applies to the Delaware Bay and its tributaries. The Indian River Inlet and the Inland Bays are NOT in this area and the slot limit does not apply.

July 4 -

Happy July 4th!

Hazy Hot and Humid!

Celebrate and Hydrate!

July 1 -

Mixed bag of sheepshead, triggerfish, black and red drum on the rocks.

Kingfish on the surf at 3R's yesterday. They are out deep. Cold, dirty water close to the beach. Git to get it out to clean water. A few ling cod and small trout reported as well.

June 29 -

Multiple reports of Sheepshead in the Inlet over the last couple of days. Sandfleas!

June 27 -

Fresh bunker arrived - 2pm Tuesday!

Kingfish on the beach 3R's Monday afternoon/evening

Just had a report of some small trout in the north pocket last night. On spec rigs.

Also, some shad around during the daytime hours in the inlet.

June 24 -

Fishing is hit and miss.

There were a couple of cobia caught on the beach at Fenwick this week. They are picking at the kingfish on the beach. It's better when the wind comes out of the east but its hot and that means the wind is out of the west. West wind means flies too so be prepared.

A few short stripers being picked up in the Inlet at night floating live fleas.

There were some croakers and a few blues caught during the week on the South Rockpile beachside but that went away on the weekend when the swimmers took over.

Daytime Inlet fishing is slow on the weekends due to all the boat traffic. There are some flounder tight to the rocks. Use light leadheads and Gulp.

June 19 -

Flounder in the Inlet are hitting pink and white Gulp in addition to the chartreuse. Again - tight to the rocks. Incoming water in the daytime.

Small croakers in the Inlet this morning. Real small in the six inch range.

A few more kingfish on the beach over the weekend as well.

Some nice sharks in the surf as well. Sharks are heavily regulated in Delaware. Be sure to check the regulations in the Fishing Guide. A good rule of thumb - if you don't know what it is turn it loose!

June 17 -

Flounder in the Inlet the last couple of days. Incoming tide, light bucktails with chartruese Gulp. Tight to the rocks.

June 14 -

Light northeast wind today. Kingfish reported on the beach.

We have fresh bunker and fresh bluefish (shark bait)

June 12 -

The Good - Warmer weather is finally here.
The Bad - Fishing action has been sloooooow
The Ugly - West wind has brought the flies

Surf fishing - sharks and skates a few kingfish. This warm weather has sent the bluefish north. It was a great six weeks.

Inlet - night time bite for short stripers. Floating fleas. Not much else.

Indian River Bay - flounder action has picked up now that the wind is not blowing and the cold damp weather got out of here. Best action was reported straight west of the Inlet and south of Burton's Island.

Threshers on the nearshore wrecks and reefs. Seabass out on the wrecks 20 miles and beyond.

June 7

Bluefish in the Inlet up to 5 pounds the last couple of days on the daytime incoming tide.

June 5 -

he bluefish have moved into the Indian River bay. Several reports of them in shallow water.

A few more kingfish moved in to the surf over the weekend.

The flounder bite picked up in the Indian River Bay.

Drifting sandfleas at night has started to work for stripers.

Seabass fishing has been real good but the are going 20 plus miles to get them.

Thresher sharks have moved in to the near shore waters.

Customer reported a large sturgeon breach near his boat just outside the inlet on Saturday.

Reminder - tautog is closed in DE waters til July 16.

May 31 -

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Summer is coming!

Bluefish are still the headline act around here with the cool water temps keeping them from heading north. The fish are spread out - on the beach and coming in the Inlet. Its a matter of right place, right time. Put the time in and you should catch.

Bunker and mullet are working on the beach. Metal and bucktails in the Inlet on the day time incoming tides. Even heard about them hitting at night.

They are picking up a few stripers with more keepers in the mix in the inlet after dark.

Warmer sunny days in the forecast!

May 24 -

Dreary rainy, damp....

Hearing about a few more keeper stripers being picked up during the night time hours. Daiwa SP Minnows and Swim Shads are the hot baits.

Still some blues out on the surf. Not like they were but we also heard there are still some big blues south of us. Water temp should keep them here a bit longer but a few warm days will send them north.

Picking at the blues on the daytime incoming tide in the Inlet.

Seabass fishing on the inshore wrecks and reefs has been fantastic.

Tent Sale this weekend. Stop in a check out the deals!

May 20 -

Bluefish on the beach this morning. Early before the wind got up.

Bluefish on the north side of the Inlet late morning.

Kingfish caught on the beach in Fenwick Friday.

May 19 -

Hot weather slowed the bite down on the surf this week. They still caught fish but not like last week.

Cool front coming in tonite and everyone is gearing up to fish what should be a very good weekend.

We just got 500 pounds of bunker in for the weekend and we have plenty of frozen finger mullet as well as some fresh surf clams.

They are starting to pick up a few more keeper stripers in the Inlet during the nigh time hours. Daiwa SP minnows have been very popular.

Even heard of several keeper stripers on the beach this week.

Seabass reopened this week and social media was a buzz with pics of some nice catches. The Radford was the hot spot.

May 15 -

Monday morning fishing brief:

The sun is shining. Beautiful weather in the forecast and the gator blues are still here.

What else do you need to know?

Mullet and bunker working on the surf. Top and bottom of the tide have been the most productive. No hot spot. Fish are spread out.

Spoons and bucktails on the incoming tide if you are fishing the Inlet.

A few keepers stripers around at night in the Inlet. Plugs, bucktails and swim shads are all working.

Tautog season is closed in DE waters until July 16.

No good report on flounder in the bays. Wind and dirty water to blame. Lewes Canal has started producing.

May 13 -

Old Inlet Spring Surf Fishing Tournament
2017 � Results

201 Participants
22 Women and 23 Kids
42 Anglers Caught 93 Scoring Fish (all bluefish)

Open Division
1) 227 Points Kevin Trimble $750
2) 218 Points John Pilcicki $500
3) 121 Points Sean Hull $350
4) 118 Points Steven Amspacher $150

Women�s Division
1) 46 Points Erin Schuster $250
2) 33 Points Anita Chandler $100
3) 20 Points Stephanie Shields $50

Kids Division
1) 69 Points Joey Griffith Surf Rod and Reel
2) 24 Points Colton Nein Spinning Rod and Reel
3) 17 Points Liam Senzamici Tackle Box

Largest Fish of Tournament
36 Inch Bluefish Shaun Smith $1,000

Bluefish Calcutta
36 Inch Bluefish Shaun Smith $1,770

We have 201 anglers fishing in the Spring Surf Fishing Tournament today. Weather this morning was quite sporty. ENE winds at more than 20 with heavy rain. They still caught bluefish up to 36 inches.

Tide changed a little after noon and the rain/wind quit. the surf laid down and the bite has been on! Small stripers and blues to 29 inches reported.

We have plenty of fresh bunker!

May 12

A lot of people pre-fishing the tournament. Bluefish all day. We weighed quite a few blue fish and saw coolers full. Biggest fish we saw was 13.5 pounds. Check out or Facebook page for daily fishing pics.

May 11 -

Spring Surf Fishing Tournament Weather Update:

The tournament scheduled for Saturday is still a go!

There is NOT going to be a Northeaster this weekend according to the latest update - here is the the latest Marine Forecast -


We do not cancel the tournament unless the State closes the beaches. The tournament is going to go on as planned. It will be windy and raining. Pack your foul weather gear! Check back for updated information Thursday and Friday

Big bluefish blitzed the Inlet this morning for about 45 minutes.

May 9 -

Weighed a 15 pound tautog from reef site 10 yesterday evening. Reminder Tautog closes in Delaware waters May 12 - through July 16. May 11 is the last open day.

Just weighed several blues from 7.5 to 11.5 pounds caught on the beach at 3Rs and Conquest this afternoon.

We have fresh bunker!

May 8 -

Still catching nice bluefish on the beach over the weekend. Up to 36-38 inches. Top and bottom of the tide has been the best time. Catching them from Fenwick up to the Cape. No one hot spot.

The striped bass have gotten scarce with these big bluefish around. Saw a picture of a half eaten striper that came out of a blue and even some half eaten smaller bluefish.

Fishing was a bit tough in the Inlet over the weekend. Dirty water from windy weather made impacted the bite in the Inlet far more than it did on the beach.

Just got another load of fresh bunker.

Our Spring Surf Fishing Tournaments will be held on Saturday May 13. You can sign up Friday from Noon til 8 and Saturday from 5:30Am until 7am.

May 3 -

We have fresh bunker!!!

Bluefish in the inlet yesterday on the incoming tide.

May 1-
Big blues on Faithful Steward beach this afternoon.

Bluefish up to 30 inches in the Inlet Monday morning today around 9am. Start of the incoming tide. Hitting metal cast lures.

Bluefish up to 36 inches on the beach this weekend. Top and bottom of the tide was the best time. Bunker and metal cast.

Fresh bunker has been scarce lately. Alot of people disappointed that we did not have any on Saturday. We tried 5 suppliers and only got 100 pounds. So it not for lack of effort. If its available we WILL have it!

April 27 -
Notice: The Cast for a Cure tournament scheduled for April 29 has been postponed until 2018. We look forward to bringing you an improved tournament next year.

Snapper blues in the Inlet this morning.

Keeper striper alert!

Robert Hilton (Millsboro) just weighed a 32 pound 46 inch striped bass caught in the Indian River Inlet this morning!
It hit a bucktail! It had spawned out.

April 25 -

Fishing has picked up quite a bit here in the last 7-10 days. The water temp has gotten over 50 degrees and the weather has gotten better (except for the NE blow and rain today). Good weather in the forecast for this weekend so there should be some good fishing action.'

Short stripers are still dominating the action in the Indian River Inlet. On the plus side they have gotten bigger. The are now mostly in the 20-24 inch range instead on the 15-18 inch range. Daytime incoming tide has been the most productive with bucktails, plugs and swim shads all working.

Bluefish have moved into the Inlet as well with the best action being at night on plugs. There are a few short flounder around in the Inlet as well.

Flounder fishing in the Indian River Bay has been slow to start. A few keepers reported lately.

Starting to see a few keeper tautog come over the railing at the Inlet. We have live green crabs and sand fleas are starting to become available.

The best action has been on the beach. Blues to 36 inches, short stripers, black drum, kingfish and blowfish have been hitting in the suds. The fish have been found up and down the beach from Fenwick all the way up to Broadkill Beach. Live bloodworms, fresh surf clams and fresh bunker have been the ticket.

The Old Inlet Spring Surf Fishing Tournament will be held on Saturday May 13. Info can be found on our website!

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Latest Photos (click to enlarge photos)
Fishing Photo
Yellow Perch
Abel Murray
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
26 lbs/ 36.5"
Chic Stearrett
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
37 pounds 44 iches
John Speziale
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
Sammy C
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
slot fish - released
Jeff Knepper
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
33 pounds 44 inches
Rick Insho
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
short and fat - released
Sam C
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
25 inches - released
Eric Hartunian
Fishing Photo
3.8 pounds
Charlie Yunckes
Fishing Photo
Striped Bass
11 pounds


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